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Vehicle Unlock Grand Rapids MI

Whether your key is Locked-in, Lost, Stolen, Missing,  or Broken?  We've got you covered . . .

Finding an emergency service for commercial vehicle unlock
Grand Rapids MI doesn't have to be a hassle!

In Grand Rapids Mi, A1 Locksmith Service is rarely more than 15-20 minutes away.
Call 616) 633-9114.

We'll provide an accurate estimated time of arrival and price quote right over the phone.

Our commercial locksmith can open semi-truck cabs, delivery vans and other commercial vehicles as well.

Don't attempt to do it yourself...
Especially with the newer cars!

The space is very tight between the glass and weather stripping. If anyone but a professional locksmith tries to open your car, serious damage could result.

Helpful bystanders might offer to help, but they will not have the professional lockout tools or knowledge needed to safely help if your keys are locked in car.

By stuffing coat hangers or other tools into the door panel, they may do some serious damage. Most newer cars require more than a "Slim Jim Tool" to open the door.  In fact a "Slim Jim Tool" can damage the electronics inside the door of the new models.

Problems for Vehicle Unlock Grand Rapids MI !

My keys are locked in my trunk

If your vehicle has a trunk release the locksmith will perform a normal unlocking so you can retrieve your keys. If however, you don't have a trunk release or it doesn't work, opening the trunk will be more difficult, but it can be done.  Please advise us so the locksmith can use a specific tool to open the door or trunk.  The trunk cannot be accessed the same as the door.

My locks don’t work properly.

Over time, especially with the locks you don't often open with a key, they can become dirty and sticky. If you catch it early, at the first signs of trouble, it is not difficult to fix. The sticky problem can be handled on a non-emergency basis and won't be as costly as if you ignore the early signs and let the locks seize.

Our Locksmiths Respond Promptly

Whenever you are locked out of your vehicle, make sure the keys are inside.  

Replace or Duplicate Vehicle Key

Replacing or duplicating a car key can be a tricky thing.   If you have lost your key (or just can't find it) we will get there quickly and get you on the way.  We have  regular keys, transponder keys (programmed to your car), key with remotes, and or the new smart keys that will start your car (as long as it's with you).
All you will need is proof that you own the car or have the owner's permission to make the key.  If it's a duplicate you need (already have the original) you can come to our office -- save us the trip -- and we can save you money by duplicating your original key.  That way, you'll always have two and hopefully you can avoid your key being missing when you really need to get going.

Items we'll need to replace or duplicate the key!

  • We'll need to see your Driver's License (or that of the owner).  
  • And either the Registration, Proof of Insurance or the Title of the vehicle.
  • We can come to you, or in the case of a duplication (you have a key to copy) you can save money by coming to us  with the vehicle.  We will copy the original key and program it to the vehicle.

Broken Car Key

A broken Car Key Grand Rapids MI ... Got you covered! If you have a damaged or broken car key Grand Rapids MI ...

If you have a broken car key Grand Rapids MI - SAVE ALL THE PIECES AND PARTS! Call us to find out if we can repair it or if you will need a replacement! Anytime it can be repaired, it will be less expensive than replacing it. Sometimes it is possible to re-cut a new key from the broken car key, so it is important to save everything.

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