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Residential Locksmith Grand Rapids MI

Residential locksmith Grand Rapids MI -- A1 Locksmith Service handles all types of residential locksmith calls!

Call (616) 633-9114 24/7
We are rarely more than 15-20 minutes away!

Our highly trained locksmith professionals are available to you everyday. We can handle all types of emergency locksmith calls; if you are locked out, need your house locks changed or repaired or serviced. We have it covered.

It might be a planned service call, where you have the luxury of making an appointment or an unexpected emergency. We will replace, repair or install new security products and devices and provide exactly the service you're looking for.

Are you locked out of the house?

In the Grand Rapids area, we'll arrive quickly and unlock your door.  We can also replace your keys if they are broken or rekey your house if your keys are missing or stolen.  Sometimes your key breaks off in your lock.  We can replace the key and fix your lock so the key works nicely.  Once in while the locks needs to be replaced, but we will always let your know beforehand.

A-1 Locksmith Service available is all day and into the evening every day! Local, Grand Rapids Locksmith (616) 633-9114

We will answer the phone when your call -- provide an accurate price quote and arrival time (depending on your location). Our courteous locksmith will stay in touch with you until they arrive at your location.  We are reliable and insured and bonded.  Being very dependable, we have a walk-in locaion and our office can always be reached.  

Are you locked out of the car?

For fast, reliable and professional service if you are locked out of car in the Grand Rapids area and need your car door unlocked. You can quickly retrieve your keys locked in car.  You can also replace or duplicate your car key!  We carry regular keys, transponder keys, remotes, and the newest smart keys, that don't need keys at all.


Vehicle Key Replacement or Duplication

Replacing or duplicating a car key can be a tricky thing.   If you have lost your key (or just can't find it) we will get there quickly and get you on the way.  We have  regular keys, transponder keys (programmed to your car), key with remotes, and or the new smart keys that will start your car (as long as it's with you).

All you will need is proof that you own the car or have the owner's permission to make the key.  If it's a duplicate you need (already have the original) you can come to our office -- save us the trip -- and we can save you money by duplicating your original key.  That way, you'll always have two and hopefully you can avoid you key being missing when you really need to get going.

Frequently asked questions
about residential locksmith!

Aren't new locks expensive? (Save money with a rekey if you don't  need to change the locks (see locks rekeyed below).
You might not need new locks (see locks rekeyed below). If you do need new locks, you might be tempted to buy inexpensive locks at your local discount store. We provide residential locks that are superior in security at very competitive prices.

We receive volume discounts buy purchasing directly from the distributors. We pass those discounts on to you and can provide higher quality locks in a wider variety of styles and colors. What is your security worth?

For a few dollars more than the price of discount store locks you can have the peace of mind that comes with a higher security locks. Locks rekeyed, exactly what does this term refer to?

You don't need to replace the entire lock to protect your valuables. Having your locks rekeyed refers to changing the pins in a lock cylinder with pins of different sizes. When you rekey a lock the old key will no longer work the lock. Your locksmith will provide new keys that coincides with the new tumblers and operate the new lock cylinder

What are keyed alike locks?
The cylinders can be rekeyed so that all the locks in your home operate off just one key! No more huge ring of keys and fumbling around to find the right one! For more detailed information about keyed alike locks . . .

Do you repair locks?  Yes, our locksmiths will take a good look at your locks.  If locks are expensive or fairly new, just repairing it may be the way to go.  Our locksmith will check out your lock and explain the problem to  you.  You can always make the decision to replace or repair.

Residential Locksmith Grand Rapids MI

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