Replacement Keys
Grand Rapids MI

Replacement Keys Grand Rapids MI

When you need replacement keys Grand Rapids MI, we can replace lost, or missing keys!

If you've lost the keys to your auto, home or business,
call us!
A1 Locksmith Service, Grand Rapids, MI
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Our experienced locksmiths are mobile and will bring the solutions to you.
We have ways to create replacement keys Grand Rapids, when you don't have one to duplicate or if it is broken in the lock!

Give us a call and we'll provide an accurate time of arrival. Our locksmiths work on an emergency basis or can schedule an appointment ahead of time at your convenience!

Car Key Silver Door

Replace or Duplicate Vehicle Keys

We fix lost, stolen or broken vehicle keys.   We can come to you and replace the lost, stolen or broken key today.  Ask about the two key "Replacement Special", so this doesn't happen to you again! CALL (616) 633-9114

Could it be your ignition:  We never like to think it might be, but here are some of the signs to look for.  Don't worry, we can check if it's your key, so you'll never replace an ignition if it's just the Key. We replace the ignition, so your key can turn freely again.

  •   Trouble getting Key in or out of the ignition.
  •   Key won't turn.  Can turn key or or sometimes you have trouble removing it.
  •   If it's trouble with your ignition, we can come to you, or you can bring it to us and same some money!  Let us know.
  •  If it's the ignition, it will never just get better, only worse until it just stops working altogether.  Get it checked out today!

Keys Broken In Lock

Key extraction is a technique used by our locksmiths to safely remove a broken key that is stuck in your lock. Once the key is removed the locksmith can create a replacement key (exact match of your old one).  The other option, if your key is lost, is to make a new key for the lock and provide copies if needed.

Note:  Please don't try to remove a broken key from a lock or the ignition.  You can do more damage, and actually need to replace the whole lock (it will cost more too!).


Lock Repairs

Repair your locks without replacing them. We can come directly to your auto, home or place of business -- repair or, if necessary, replace your existing keys.  If necessary, we can replace the lock.  When taking about locks, many just need to be repaired,  Sometimes the lock will have to be replaced, but only if it is not repairable or if repair is the best option. (See Rekeying Below)

Locks Rekeyed

Having your locks rekeyed is more economical than replacing them (especially in the case of newer or used good quality locks). Once a lock is rekeyed, the old keys will no longer open the door. You can rekey for security: Not sure who has keys to your business or for lost keys! You can rekey for convenience: All you locks can work with just one key! Front, side and back doors will all open with the same key!  Or, locks can have different keys from one another.  Back or side door will open with one and the others with another.

Master Key Systems

For owners of rental property such as apartment buildings, or for condominium associations, it is often necessary to have a master key that will open multiple locks. These locks then each have a key that will open only that tenant's lock. Locksmiths can perform master rekeying to almost any configuration to meet the needs of rental property owners, businesses, and home owners.

Whenever you need replacement keys Grand Rapids MI, A-1 Locksith Service is just a call away.  Our locksmith will get to you as quickly as possible, access the situation, and provide relief.  We can be counted on.  Not just a fly by locksmith, we are bonded and insured.  We stand by our work and can always be found at the office listed below.  We have been in business for over 10 years!

We have many satisfied customers and would like to count you among them.  Please take the time to leave a review (see helpful links located to the right and above).  So many people pick us based on our reviews.  We appreciate your business and love your reviews.   We are notified when you leave one, so we can take the time to read it and respond.  Thanks again for reading our page and working with us.  Thank you.

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