Replacement Car Keys
Forest Hills MI

Replacement car keys Forest Hills MI in a hurry. A1 Locksmith Service has 1-2 hour turnaround to replace lost car keys!

We'll need the following:

  1. Year, Make and Model of your vehicle.
  2. Vehicle Identification Number or VIN (found on registration, insurance certificate or title.
  3. Proof of ownership. Title or registration and photo ID for identification.
  4. Location of the vehicle! We are a mobile service and come
    to you to for car key replacement.

Two hour turnaround from the time you order the key.

We are available 24 7. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Holidays too!

Call 616-633-9114
for a car key replacement quote!

A1 Locksmith Service,
Grand Rapids, MI

Replace Car Keys

The price will depend of what type of key you have!

A few newer model cars and most older cars are equipped with plain metal keys (no transponder chip). These keys don't require the new key be programmed to your vehicle

Most newer cars are equipped with transponder keys. (These keys have a transponder chip embedded into the head of the key). Transponder keys were created to eliminate car theft. If anyone tries to start your car without the transponder key, the car will shut down and some will become completely immobilized.

When we create replacement car keys for your car (from the car's VIN - Vehicle ID #), the new key needs to be programmed to your vehicle and the car's computer to allow the key to work. We come to you to program the new key.

Most car dealers only keep these codes for 10 years. Even if they have your code, they will require (in the case of a transponder key) that you have the vehicle towed to their location to program the key to the vehicle.

GM vehicles (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile & Pontiac, approximately 1990 - 1996) were created with a small black transistor on the blade of the key. These keys are referred to as VATS keys. Since many vehicles of this age are still on the road, this is the third type of key could have.

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Replacement Car Keys Forest Hills MI
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