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Locksmith Grand Rapids MI

A1 Locksmith Grand Rapids MI can do the job quickly and safely! Unlock your car or house lockouts!

Unlock your house or car door fast in Grand Rapids! Call (616) 633-9114 for prompt response time and reliable service.

We are rarely more than 15-20 minutes away! We'll provide an estimated time of arrival and price quote right over the phone.

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Auto Lockout -- FAST Response!
Our 24 7 Locksmith will carefully and quickly open your locked car without damage to your vehicle, retrieve the keys locked in car and get you on your way.
WARNING: Don't try to do it yourself!

Most newer cars are designed and built very tight between the window glass and weather stripping. Only an expert vehicle locksmith with special car opening tools can do the job quickly and safely.
We will provide a price quote and estimated time of arrival over the phone. We'll ask for your location. It's important that you provide accurate information to enable us to quickly locate you and your car.

House Lockout -- FAST Response!
Whatever the need our 24 7 Locksmith is ready! -- Emergency House Lockout If you need something more routine, like -- locks rekeyed, lock repairs, deadbolt installation, a replacement house key or have keys keys broken in lock. We can help!

Some common problems with house locks!
FAQ for our locksmith Grand Rapids from our customers!

I've lost my car keys! Quickly replace lost or stolen vehicle keys. Call A1 Locksmith Grand Rapids MI (616) 633-9114

My locks won't work properly! Over time, especially with the locks you don't use often, they become dirty and sticky. If you catch it early, at the first signs of trouble, it is not difficult to fix. The sticky problem can be handled on a non-emergency basis and won't be as costly as if you ignore the early signs and let the locks seize.

My key won't go into the lock. Again, over time, the pins within the lock can shift or the lock gets dirty, making it impossible to turn the key. We can take your lock apart, clean and reassemble it; making it work just fine.

My key is broken in the lock. Keys can be extracted (removed) and a new one cut to fit your lock.

Every door lock in my house has a different key. Don't carry a huge bundle of keys! We can rekey or all your existing locks to work with one key.

We just moved in and I am afraid that someone else has a key to my house. If you buy or rent a house where someone else has lived, you might not feel safe with your existing locks. We can rekey the existing locks so the old keys will no longer work and provide you with new keys. They can all be keyed alike (to work off one new key) and we can add a deadbolt above a single door knob lock for extra security.

Why not just replace my existing locks with locks from a discount or dollar store? Most of the low cost locks are easily picked open or just don't hold up over time. The lock you currently have on your door is probably of higher quality than anything you can purchase new for a few dollars. Make the investment and rekey or repair your existing locks.

I don't know if my locks are safe We understand you might not know one lock from another. If you have a question about the quality and security of your locks, we'll be glad to check them out and make recommendations for repair or upgrade to your locks.

I need more locks. If you only have one single lock in the door knob it isn't enough protection. Door knob locks can easily be forced open, sometimes with something as simple as a credit card. Add a deadbolt (a hole is drilled in the door frame to hold a metal rod that is turned with a key or from an inside latch). For convenience, you can rekey the existing door knob lock so both (new and old) will open with one key. Change your locks and add extra security all at once.

A1 Locksmith Grand Rapids MI
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