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Other service include

Rekey of homes & businesses,

Duplication of Car Keys,

Programming of your car keys, remotes and fobics.

1616 Diamond Ave NE, Grand Rapids MI 49505

(616) 633-9114 

Replacement, Duplication and Repair of Car Keys, Remotes, Fobics, etc. (CLICK HERE!)

Unlock Car Door
Kentwood MI
24 7 Emergency Service

To unlock car door Kentwood MI FAST!

Call A1 Locksmith Service. (616) 633-9114. A local locksmith and rarely more than 15-20 minutes away! We provide service 24 hours, 7 days a week! Accept cash, credit cards & checks!

When we answer the call, you'll receive an accurate arrival time and cost to unlock car door. Our locksmiths are equipped with a GPS navigation system, so they can get to you as fast as possible. We come fully prepared to open your vehicle.

Keys locked in car! -- It happens -- we've all done it. Don't miss that appointment. Call us and we'll get there quickly. Rarely more than 15-20 minutes away.

I don't have any cash! -- Don't worry, we accept all major credit cards and can take a check!

I need go now! -- We are equipped with GSP Navigation and are rarely more than 15-20 minutes away. With the proper tools and training a car can be opened in just a few minutes.

Locking keys in the car! A common mistake that millions of Americans make every year. It can happen in a second -- usually when we are distracted, we completely forget to grab our keys. First thing in the morning or after a long day, we are stressed out and can't want to get going --The second the door closes, we realize what we've done -- only to see our keys in the ignition or sitting on the drivers seat. Now feeling hopeless and frustrated we must think of a way to unlock car door.

WARNING: Don't try to do it yourself!

With newer cars the seal is very tight between the body and the door. If you try to open it with coat hangers, screw drivers, or any other tools; you will most likely damage the seal to your door. In fact, it is impossible to open the newer cars without damage unless you have the proper tools. When a professional locksmiths arrives and finds that you have been messing with it, they might refuse to do the job or ask you to sign a damage waiver.

Call A1 Locksmith -- we'll quickly open your door and without damage.

Unlock Car Door Kentwood MI
A1 Lockout Technician
(616) 633-9114
A1 Locksmith Service
For payment we accept:
Traveler's Checks

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(616) 633-9114
A1 Locksmith Service

1612 Diamond Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Serving all Grand Rapids neighborhoods, Ada, Cascade, Comstock Park,  East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Kentwood, Wyoming & Walker.

For payment we accept:

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