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Other service include

Rekey of homes & businesses,

Duplication of Car Keys,

Programming of your car keys, remotes and fobics.

1616 Diamond Ave NE, Grand Rapids MI 49505

(616) 633-9114 

Replacement, Duplication and Repair of Car Keys, Remotes, Fobics, etc. (CLICK HERE!)

Rekey Locks Ada MI

Rekey locks Ada MI .  Call A1 Locksmith Service.
We have an alternative to having your entire lock replaced!

A1 Locksmith Service
(616) 633-9114

Having a lock rekeyed (or sometimes called repinned) involves changing the lengths of the pins inside the lock cylinder (tumbler) so they will no longer accept the old key. Our locksmith will then make a new set of keys that match the series of new pins installed in the cylinder.

When you have good quality locks, this is a better alternative to just replacing the locks. The low-cost replacement locks at your local department store are most likely of inferior quality to the locks you already have!

Yes, you can change the locks yourself, but if you currently have good quality locks, downgrading to a lower quality lock (from your local store) will not keep you safe and they will not last! Over time, these locks often made in foreign countries, will breakdown; requiring replacement again before long.

When you compare the cost of rekeying the existing locks with replacing your entire lock with a lock of the same quality, the cost of rekeying is a much better value.

Keep your quality locks!

What does it cost to have locks rekeyed?

Call for a quote today! 

Ask a question or schedule an appointment!

A1 Locksmith Service
Grand Raids, MI

(616) 633-9114

Local to Ada MI

We are open 24 7 and our will respond quickly to emergencies or schedule an appointment ahead of time at your convenience!

Have your locks rekeyed whenever;
you move into a new home or apartment (you never know who has keys)you lose your keys
if your roommate moves out
a key you have loaned out is not returned (it is easy to copy keys).

You can also rekey your locks for convenience. All your locks in the home, can work with just one key! Back door, side door, front door.

For Payment -- We Accept:
Travelers Checks

Rekey Locks

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(616) 633-9114
A1 Locksmith Service

1612 Diamond Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Serving all Grand Rapids neighborhoods, Ada, Cascade, Comstock Park,  East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Kentwood, Wyoming & Walker.

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