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Rekey of homes & businesses,

Duplication of Car Keys,

Programming of your car keys, remotes and fobics.

1616 Diamond Ave NE, Grand Rapids MI 49505

(616) 633-9114 

Replacement, Duplication and Repair of Car Keys, Remotes, Fobics, etc. (CLICK HERE!)

Car Door Unlock
Grand Rapids MI
24 7 Service!

Finding a 24 7 emergency car door unlock Grand Rapids MI doesn't have to be a hassle.

A1 Locksmith Service is rarely more than 15-20 minutes away in Grand Rapids, MI.

Call (616) 633-9114

We'll provide you with a price quote and the time our vehicle locksmith will arrive at your location.


Helpful bystanders might offer to help, but they will nothave the tools or knowledge needed to professionally unlock the car. By stuffing coat hangers or other tools into the door panel, they may do some serious damage. Most newer cars require more than a "Slim Jim" to open the door.

Our expert in car door unlocking will carefully and quickly open your vehicle without damage to your glass or weather stripping. Most cars are designed and built very tight between the window glass and weather stripping. Only an expert vehicle locksmith with special car opening tools can do the job quickly and safely.

Other common problems with car locks!

What can I do if my keys are locked in the trunk?  We can open your vehicle and as long as you have a trunk release inside your car, we can perform a normal car door unlock Grand Rapids MI and then you can open the trunk and get your keys out.  Without a trunk release, you might need to purchase an extra key to get inside. It will be more difficult, but it can be done.

I can't get the key to open my door or trunk, but it will start my car. Without regular use or just over time the locks will get dirty and sticky. If you catch it early, at the first signs of trouble, it is not difficult to fix. The sticky problem can be handled on a non-emergency basis and won't be as costly as if you ignore the early signs and let the locks seize.  Other reason could be, if you just purchased your car, along the way someone might have changed the ignition, so you were never given the proper door key.  If you are locked we can get you in.  Usually purchasing a remote and syncing it to the vehicle will solve the problem without ordering a key.

Car Door Unlock Grand Rapids MI
(A sampling of our Google reviews!)

Christopher Toth -- Fantastic. Great, speedy service!

Julie Herrema -- Very helpful on the phone, came quickly and were friendly. Pat & Desmond were reassuring and worked fast to get my car back open when I locked my keys inside. From the time I made the call, my keys were out in 30min. Great service!

Todd Freeman -- Last fall, I walked away from my table at a bar for about 15 minutes, and returned to find my car keys missing. The bartender explained he'd found them- but had already given them away to some drunkard! After a day or two of calling back the bar and other businesses in the area to no avail, I called around and learned A-1 would be able to make a new key on the spot. They arrived, as promised within 30 min of my initial call, and about 30 min after that had fabricated a new key for my vehicle. The price was very reasonable for their immediate turnaround, if you're ever in a similar bind call that A-1 !

Grand Rapids Locksmith
(616) 633-9114
A1 Locksmith Service

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(616) 633-9114
A1 Locksmith Service

1612 Diamond Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Serving all Grand Rapids neighborhoods, Ada, Cascade, Comstock Park,  East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Kentwood, Wyoming & Walker.

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